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We all want to know that our hard-earned money is being well spent, and we are getting value from our purchases.  This sentiment is especially true with exercise equipment and fitness programs.  We want to know that what we are buying is worth the price and will live up to our expectations and the product’s promises. You may have asked yourself these questions when considering the Fluid Running program, especially if you think it’s nothing more than aqua jogging (read Fluid Running vs Aqua Jogging).  But here’s the difference and your justification.  

The workout difference:

Fluid Running vs. Aqua Jogging

Unequivocally, the most remarkable difference and value between Fluid Running and aqua jogging is the workout. Trying to stay motivated while aqua jogging on your own can be challenging. The Fluid Running system includes music backed, instructor-led audio workouts.  They are developed and recorded by Jennifer Conroyd, the founder of Fluid Running and an expert in the industry.  She brings her vast knowledge and experience as a personal trainer and certified track and field coach to each workout. Jennifer puts hours of thought and attention into the workout session, and it shows. 

Fluid Running workouts range in length and intensity, giving you the option of a 30, 55, or 90-minute workout, each labeled by difficulty.  Best of all, you can download the workouts, so you can do them as often as you like. You receive three workouts when you purchase the Fluid Running system, with the option to buy more.  Ranging in price from $15-$25 (with pop-up sales throughout the year), they are cheaper than most one-time fitness classes, and you can repeat them an unlimited number of times.   

Proprietary teaching methodology:

Equally important as the workouts, Fluid Running provides step by step video instruction. Fluid Running offers the first patented five-step method that teaches proper deep water running form.  Based on research and experience, it’s the only systematic, anatomically based methodology that mimics land running and delivers consistency and results.   Fluid Running captures the science behind deep water running and synthesizes it into an easy to learn, effective method.  Without proper technique, many of the benefits of deep water running are lost.  To challenge other muscle groups, and to keep the workouts engaging, there are nine additional movements that are interspersed throughout the Fluid Running workouts.  

Invaluable benefits of deep water running:

And the benefits of deep water running are impressive.  You burn 40% more calories running in the deep-water than you do on land. Water is 800 times denser than air. There is no impact when you run in deep water, so there is no jarring on your body.  Deep-water exercise flushes out toxins from the body and reduces inflammation.  You build muscle strength, elevate your heart rate, and improve endurance and cardio stamina while Fluid Running.  You can achieve maximum heart efficiency because of hydrostatic pressure and maintain a lower body temperature in water, making it easier to workout in hot weather.  Study after study shows the fitness advantages of working out in deep water.  Fluid Running harnesses those benefits through motivating, challenging, and engaging workouts.  

Getting more out of the pool:

The Fluid Running program also allows you to get more value out of your backyard pool or local swimming pool.  If you have a backyard pool, Fluid Running can turn it into a gym.  Even if you don’t swim for exercise or if your pool is too short for lap swimming, you can Fluid Run in any size pool as long as it’s deep enough that your feet don’t touch the bottom. Save on your gym membership and get a full-body, strength, and cardio workout right in your backyard.  And, if you do belong to a local pool but never use it, Fluid Running offers you a great reason to start going.  Pool or aquatic exercise is not limited to lap swimming or aqua aerobics.  Fluid Running provides a challenging aquatic workout that burns calories and elevates your heart rate without harmful impact on your body.

See for yourself:

Before you purchase the Fluid Running program, be sure to do your research and check out the reviews.  Take into account the quality equipment, the instructional videos, and the expert-led audio workouts that can be repeated as often as you like. Consider too, how exercising in a pool improves your health and brings value to your investment.  A 30-day satisfaction guarantee makes it easy to try Fluid Running and experience for yourself what everyone else is talking about.  And finally, if you value an exercise that eliminates the wear and tear on your body and extends your body’s “workout lifespan,” then your investment in the Fluid Running program will be well worth the price. 

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