The easiest way for soldiers to reduce risk of injury, and improve performance!

A water workout tough enough for a soldier? Men’s Journal called this “One of the 20 Best Workouts in America“. Fluid Running has been used by elite athletes, and those recovering from many muskuloskeletal injuries.

Why Fluid Running?


Reduces risk of MSKIs  – Replacing some high impact training with Fluid Running’s no-impact workouts can contribute to the reduction of MSKIs (especially in new recruits


Increase Strength and Endurance – Fluid Running is a full body, zero impact  strength and cardio workout.  It helps to strengthen areas of the body that suffer a higher rate of injury such as the lower extremities, and lower back (by strengthening the core).


Allows for faster recovery – Military personnel with MSKIs who are restricted from weight bearing activity can begin Fluid Running’s zero impact cardio workouts much sooner allowing them to build or maintain fitness during recovery as well as to recover quicker, and stronger.


Flexibility and Scalability – Fluid Running can be done in a group, or individually in any body of water (typically over 5’6″ deep).



Fluid Running is a deep water running workout that includes nine other simple movements. Our 10-minute instructional video (watched at home) will teach participants the terminology and proper form.


Participants wear a belt for flotation in the deep end of the pool. Facilities with lane lines can choose to have tethers used to maximize the number of participants.


Fluid Running has an audio library of 26 music-backed, coached workouts (with more being added). Workouts are played through a Bluetooth speaker via the Fluid Running App. The class facilitator starts and ends the workout.


Working out in the water provides incredible health benefits, and Fluid Runners see the results. Many Fluid Runners have:

      • Avoided injury – Fluid Running is no-impact, so greatly reduces the risk of injury, especially in the initial build up of fitness.
      •  Recovered faster – Water fitness is usually one of the first activities approved after most surgeries. Exercise is medicine, and Fluid Running is the best form of exercise!
      •  Increased strength – Fluid Running is a full body workout, and working against the water’s resistance builds strength and stamina.
      • Crossed the finish line – Fluid Runners have supplemented, or in case of injury, supplanted land running to reach their running goals, whether first-time runners or veteran marathoners.

    Have questions? We’ve got answers…

    Is it really tough enough?
    People underestimate water workouts. The water is 800 times denser than air. When you learn the optimal way to train in the water, and listen to motivating coaching, it can be a very difficult workout.

    How deep does the pool need to be?
    A depth of 5’5″ will allow for Fluid Runners up to 5’10” tall.

    Who manages the class?
    You choose a class facilitator and Fluid Running provides basic training to them. It can be a drill sergeant, lifeguard or class participant.

    How many people can do it in a class?
    We’ve had 60+ people performing the workout together. You’re only limited by the size of the body of water, and the speakers for the workouts.

    Who is this best for?
    We believe it is the perfect workout for so many people, but here are a few examples.
    Recruits – Help them reach baseline fitness levels.
    Active Duty – Help reduce injury by limiting amount of impact.
    Injured and Veterans – The no-impact nature allows for quicker recovery.



    We’d love to talk with you about how Fluid Running could help to solve some big problems. Leave us your contact info, or reach out anytime to Mike Lambert at (312) 469-0882.

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