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Discovering Fluid Running: A Lifeline for Health

An active gymnast and track runner in her youth, Freyja Kendrick had her first significant knee injury in high school after a bad dismount, and she’s never been the same.  Medically obese since high school, she had several other injuries over the past decade, including a meniscus tear that left her in pain and unable to keep her weight off. Finally, in 2021, she sought help from a knee replacement surgeon. He told her he wouldn’t operate until her BMI went below 40. She left in tears. He was basically saying she had to lose 75 pounds. Feeling hopeless, she questioned, “How does one lose weight when pain hinders exercise?”

What brought you to start Fluid Running?

The allure of the pool sparked my interest, leading me to incorporate swimming at lunchtime. My friend told me about Fluid Running classes but the times conflicted with my work schedule at that time. During the pandemic, I overcame scheduling conflicts working from home.  With newfound flexibility, I embraced Fluid Running classes, gradually increasing from once to twice a week. It proved transformative—I could elevate my heart rate without pain. I experienced a starting weight loss of 10 pounds in the first 8 weeks, improved blood pressure, and better-fitting clothes!

What results have you realized since you started Fluid Running?

With its coached workouts and waterproof headphones, the Fluid Running app became my morning ritual at 5:30 a.m. Since starting Fluid Running, I’ve shed 59 pounds, of which 90% was fat, 8% water, and only 2% lean muscle mass. A 30-point drop in blood pressure has my doctor talking about weaning me off my blood pressure medication next year.

Tell us a little about your 10K challenge last year

After I lost 40 pounds, I set my new target of losing 50 pounds. I embarked on a challenge to run three Fluid Running 10Ks weekly throughout August. Despite a foot wound interrupting weeks 4 and 5, I completed the challenge in week 6, running my 12th 10K and losing pound #51. Now, within 25 pounds of my surgery goal, supported by my therapist, nutritionist, and Fluid Running I’m confident I can get there.

What is your favorite workout and why?

The 10K with Jen’s quotes is my absolute favorite—a blend of fitness and inspiration. I also enjoy Runner’s High with Jen G, which is reminiscent of my track days in junior high.

Have you reached your goals?

Not yet, but I now know that I will. Once I have lost a total of 100 pounds, I will reassess where I want to be.

What would you say to someone who wants to get in shape but is intimidated to try Fluid Running?

To those intimidated by Fluid Running, I say, “Trust the process!” It’s the first pain-free exercise for my challenging knees, offering a unique blend of focus, reduced stress, and a quality life boost. You don’t need to be a water lover or an expert swimmer (or even a runner) —just trust the journey. The workouts are fun AND as challenging as you want them to be.

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