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Fluid Runner featured in the Wall Street Journal!  Read Maren’s story about her Ankle Injury to “EPIC” Marine Corps Ultra Marathon.

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What is the Fluid Running System?

Fluid Running has revolutionized fitness by bringing running to the deep water! Fluid Running eliminates the harmful impact of land running while providing additional cardiovascular and muscular benefits. Based on the highly successful Fluid Running group fitness class, the new Fluid Running System allows you to do it on your own time, at any deep water pool, with Jennifer Conroyd (founder, USATF trained coach, A.C.E certified personal trainer) leading you through these challenging workouts. Young or old, injured or in training, physically fit or just starting, this workout is for you. See why Men’s Journal named this one of the top “20 Workouts in America”.

Fluid Running Benefits

Improve your life!

Get More Workout
Out of Your Workout

This isn’t just a leg workout.  To stay in the proper upright running form, core and stabilizer muscles are engaged.  Additionally, arms get a really good workout as they push through the water with each arm swing.

Improve Your
Cardiovascular Fitness

Water is 800 times denser than air and running against this resistance requires muscles in your arms and legs to work harder and use more oxygen resulting in a high heart rate and improved cardiovascular fitness.

Workout Without Pain
And Reduce Risk of Injury

Fluid Running takes place in the deep water. Wearing a specially designed running belt participants never touch the bottom of the pool creating a non-impact high energy form of exercise

How It Works


Watch the instructional videos from your laptop, desktop, tablet or Fluid Running App to learn the proper Fluid Running techniques.


Connect provided headphones to your iPhone or Android phone via Bluetooth.


Download the provided workouts to your phone. You can purchase additional workouts also.

Gear Up

Gear up, select your workout from your phone, leave it poolside, and then get in the deep water!

What You'll Need


You’ll need access to a pool with a depth of 6 ft. or more.  It’s imperative that your feet do not touch the pool floor. However, if you are less than 5.5 ft. tall, you may be able to Fluid Run in a depth of as little as 5 ft.  Check our suggestions here for finding a pool. Please note that while this is not a swim workout, you need to know how to swim and be comfortable in the deep water.  (The flotation belt will help keep you upright while Fluid Running, but it is not a life-saving device).  Ideally, your pool temperature should be between 79-85 degrees. You can Fluid Run using the provided tether to attach to a lane line or ladder, but it is not necessary and you can do your workouts in an open, deep water area….even in a lake!


You will need the Fluid Running belt and blue-tooth waterproof headset included as part of the system. You will likely use the provided tether if you are doing your workouts in a pool with lane lines.  You will also need a swimsuit, a towel, and a water bottle or hydration drink.  While we do “heart-rate checks” during your workout, we recommend using a waterproof heart-rate monitor (like a Polar) for accurately measuring your effort. 


Your workouts will be delivered via the provided headsets, but you will need to have your smartphone (iPhone or Android) nearby.  Your phone does not and will not need to get wet.  You can keep your phone in your pool bag. 

30 Day Happiness Guarantee, Try It Now!

Your Coach, Jennifer

Jennifer Conroyd is the founder of Fluid Running. She is an avid athlete, Boston Marathoner and Ironman. Jennifer discovered the benefits of deep water running when she sustained an injury while training for the Chicago Marathon. She, along with all her siblings, were running as a team to raise money for The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Jennifer’s nephew was diagnosed with the disease at a very young age.

Due to her injury, she could no longer train by running on the road, so she took to the pool and ran solely in deep water for the six weeks leading up to the marathon. Her successful finish of that marathon propelled her to create Fluid Running with the goal of helping other injured runners.  She is an A.C.E. certified personal trainer, a USA Track and Field certified coach and has her Exercise Is Medicine credential.   You won’t find a running coach that knows more, or is more passionate about water running.  Watch the full story behind Fluid Running.

Fluid Running Praise

Adam Kimble – Motivational Speaker & Ultra Runner

Barb Baldassarre – Occupational Therapist

Chris Joyce, MD – Weight Loss Surgeon & Runner

Who Loves

Deep Water Running

Runner's World

Pool running in deep water is an excellent alternative to running on land. Studies have shown runners can maintain “running fitness levels” by deep water pool running. –

Joan Benoit Samuelson - Gold Medalist

Deep water running is a low-impact workout that can benefit anyone, from beginners to elite athletes.

Triathlete Magazine

More time running in the pool now can add years to your time of running on land. –


The beauty of Fluid Running is that it is a non-weight bearing form of exercise which makes it perfect for just about everyone.  Runners, athletes, fitness enthusiasts as well as those trying to lose weight or start a fitness regimen are all great candidates for Fluid Running. The Fluid Running community also consists of seniors, bariatric weight loss clients, pre- and post-natal participants as well as those dealing with injury or recovering from Surgery.

This is not a swim workout, however, you should know how to swim and be comfortable in the deep water.

The workouts are typically 55 minutes long, but you’ll find good stopping points along the way if you need to cut it short.

No. This is not just for runners. Fluid Running is geared for all participants, no running experience necessary!

Fluid Running counts as a run, not as a cross training or an easy day.  Because we mimic land running form, you get the same muscular workout but with
added resistance and no impact. As far as the cardiovascular component of Fluid Running, you will likely find it even more challenging than running on land. You are able to run harder in the water because you don’t risk the injuries associated with land-based running. Many runners find running on land actually easier than Fluid Running and have noticed improved running strength and speed on land after regularly doing Fluid Running.

Fluid Running is done in deep water and your feet do not touch the bottom of the pool. The Fluid Running Flotation belt keeps you suspended in the water and we have found that a depth of 6 feet provides clearance for even our tallest runners.

No. This is another great benefit of Fluid Running. Your hair doesn’t get wet! The water level should hit you right above your shoulders.  This is nice for those who choose to work out during their lunch break.