Pain Free Fitness

Get the workout your body deserves

Pain Free Fitness

Get the workout your body deserves


A revolutionary approach to pool workouts with our signature method of teaching, coaching and motivating.


Deep Water workouts

Our original, zero-impact Deep water workouts mimic running on land along with other signature moves.

Feet should not touch the ground. For example, if you’re 5’5″, water needs to be 5 feet deep.

EQUIPMENT: Flotation Belt, Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones & Tether (optional).

Shallow Water workouts

Our newer, low-impact Shallow water workouts combine cardio sets with strength utilizing the side of the pool.

Perfect for most pools, including swim spas. Great for travel and many gym pools.

EQUIPMENT: Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones.


Start your Fluid Running experience by choosing
the System that works best for you.

Limited Time: Get 1 additional free workout from our library of 30+ workouts with any System purchase

Deep and Shallow System


  • Instructional videos
  • 3 Deep audio workouts
  • 2 Shallow audio workouts
  • 1 Deep audio stretch

* Add flotation belt, waterproof
headphones, and tether for just $70

Male Fluid Runner


  • Instructional videos
  • 3 Deep audio workouts

* Add flotation belt, waterproof
headphones, and tether for just $70

Shallow system


  • Instructional videos
  • 3 shallow audio workouts

* Add headphones for just $30

Not ready for a system? No problem. You can also try Fluid Running for FREE.


Jennifer Conroyd

Chicago-based Jennifer Conroyd is the founder of Fluid Running. With a background as an athlete, Boston Marathoner, and Ironman, Jennifer’s journey into pool fitness began when she tore her calf muscle while training for the Chicago Marathon. Unable to walk, much less run, Jennifer turned to the pool, dedicating herself to deep water running exclusively in the six weeks leading up to the marathon. Her successful completion of the race showcased the amazing benefits of water running. This fueled her desire to share its benefits with everyone, especially with people who are struggling with pain, injury, or conditions which make exercise painful.

Jennifer is certified as an A.C.E personal trainer, a USA Track and Field coach and she holds the Exercise is Medicine credential.  Jennifer is passionate about helping others live healthier, and therefore happier lives.


For me, it has been a lifesaver because it’s the only workout I’m able to do. I recommend it to everybody, at any age. There is no impact.

Gayle Ditchmen

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, so have not been able to exercise very well.
The first time I got into the pool with it, and I was able to move my body, pain-free, it was a revelation.

Kiona Subramanian, MD
Doctor, Functional Medicine

As a professional athlete coming back from injury, I kept my mind open and instituted a few new components to my recovery and build back to full health.

Ben Hoffman
7X Ironman Champion

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