What Is

Fluid Running?

Fluid Running is a high intensity deep water running class that provides a total body workout without any impact.  Fluid Running has revolutionized fitness by bringing running to the deep water which eliminates the harmful impact of land running while providing additional cardiovascular and muscular benefits.  Guided by motivated instructors, participants can work out harder, get their heart rates up higher and burn more calories than running on land:  all without impact or fear of getting injured.

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Full Body Workout

Legs, arms, core and stabilizer muscles are used when Fluid Running. The resistance of water is 800 times greater than air, making this an amazing workout.

Burn More Calories

Running against the resistance of the water burns 40% more calories compared to running on land because water is 800 times denser than air.

Improve Cardiovascular Fitness

Working against the water requires muscles in your arms and legs to work harder and use more oxygen resulting in a high heart rate and improved cardio fitness.

No Impact

Fluid Running takes place in the deep water. Wearing a specially designed running belt participants never touch the bottom of the pool creating a non-impact high energy form of exercise.

Workout While Injured or Recovering

Many injuries preclude you from working out on land. Fluid Running is a non-weight bearing exercise which allows most people to workout whether injured or recovering from surgery,

It's Revolutionary

Set to high energy music, certified Fluid Running instructors combine low-to-moderate aerobic running sets with high-intensity intervals and sprints. Fluid Running is the only certified deep water running program in the United States.


To make people happier and healthier by providing an amazing, pain-free running based workout.

Fluid Running's


Fluid Running was founded by Jennifer Conroyd – USATF coach, A.C.E. personal trainer, marathoner and Ironman.  Jennifer got injured six weeks prior to the Chicago Marathon.  This marathon was of particular importance to her as she was running it along with her siblings in support of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  Jennifer’s nephew was diagnosed with the disease at a very young age.  Determined to run the race, she discovered deep water running, and trained solely in the water for those six weeks.  She successfully completed the marathon and it inspired her to create Fluid Running.

Fluid running classes challenge the weekend warrior and the most intense athletes while offering an innovative, accessible path to fitness for people with joint problems, injuries, and physical limitations.  The joy of Fluid Running continues to spread as more and more people experience this amazing pain free workout.

Named One Of The "20 Best Workouts In America" By

Men's Journal

People have spoken and they agree, Fluid Running is one of the best workouts available.  Fluid Running participants get all the benefits (and more) of a land run workout – but without the impact! Classes are high energy and led by some of the best instructors in the nation.  That’s why Men’s Journal named Fluid Running one of the 20 best workouts in America.