If you don’t have your own deep water pool, there are many options for you to take advantage of, often at no cost or at a nominal fee. We suggest you check the following resources for pool access:

  • Online Guides – You can also use these online guides to search for pools near you or when you travel. Just be sure to call the pool to verify their open swim hours, fees and pool depth.
    • Swimmers Guide Online – Swimmers Guide Online (SGOL) compiles the only international, descriptive directory of publicly-accessible, full-size, year-round swimming pools you may ever need. They have a geographical search function that allows you to narrow down your options. The site is updated on a continual basis.
    • USMS Places To Swim – This is a site managed by United States Masters Swimming that compiles pool data that its members can use to locate a local club or pool when they travel. As with the SGOL, always contact the pool to verify the listed information is still accurate, the open swim schedule, confirm the fees, hours and pool depth.
  • Your Local High School – Most local high schools that have a pool will offer open swim hours for the community. Check with the high school or the local community organization for more information on hours, fees, pool depth, etc.
  • Your Local Park District and YMCA – Many park districts and YMCA’s have deep water indoor and outdoor pools at reasonable daily or membership rates.
  • Your Local Community College or University – As with high schools, local colleges and universities will often make their pools available to the community and alumni. Check with the aquatics department for more information.
  • Your Local Hospital-Wellness Center – Hospitals either offer their own wellness centers or partner with nearby facilities. These centers will often have pools with public open swim hours or memberships at reasonable rates. Always confirm the hours and pool depth before signing up.
  • Your Local Homeowners Association – Subdivisions, Apartment Complexes and Condo Associations often have aquatic centers for their residents.
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