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Fluid Running Classes

Awesome Workout. High Energy. Top Instructors.

Fluid Running classes will challenge you whether you are in peak physical condition or trying to get in shape.  Classes are friendly and encouraging and led by a certified Fluid Running instructor.  The roughly one-hour workout combines moderate aerobic running sets with high intensity intervals and sprints, along with a few other movements to challenge other muscle groups.  Fluid Running belts are used for buoyancy and to maintain proper vertical running form.

Fluid Running Class Availability

Special Notice: Under the Tier 3 regulations, there can be no indoor group classes.  As such, all Fluid Running classes at OBPD and Superior Training will be suspended until further notice.  We do not know exactly when the restrictions will be lifted. The decision is contingent on reducing the number of positive COVID cases, but please rest assured that as soon as we are given the green light we will be back up and running, literally!

Other option: For those of you with Fluid Running H2Go, or a belt, you have the following options.
OBPD: Members can “reserve” a lane, non-members can “rent” a lane – upace app or website
Superior Training: Anyone can rent the lane or the well –

When classes do resume, the schedule below will be in place.







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