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A Life Changing Prescription

100% non-weight bearing, Fluid Running allows your patients to move sooner, heal healthier and recover faster.  Patients stay active, improve physical performance and feel better emotionally and physically. No pain. All gain.

“Fluid Running has become one of my “go to“ recommendations for many of my patients , especially those with lower extremity injuries.” -Dr. Keith Veselik – CMO, Population Health – Loyola University Health System

  • Early post-op, non-weight bearing rehab for musculoskeletal injury
  • Immediate rehab for foot, ankle and leg injuries
  • Modifiable workouts for all fitness levels

Fluid Running is ideal for a broad spectrum of patients; competitive athletes, active patients, patients with balance problems, geriatric patients or sedentary patients.  Our smart phone app allows a patient to perform rehab on their own time schedule in any deep water pool or lake.

Why Join?

  • Additional discounts for your patients
  • Custom coupon code with your name
  • Link to your website from ours
  • Happy patients, more referrals
  • No cost or obligation

Benefits for Patients

  • Maintain fitness while injured
  • Gain strength in arms, legs and core stabilizer muscles
  • Improve VO2 Max
  • Recover faster (think leg massage from hydrostatic pressure)
  • Accelerate blood circulation promoting cell growth and repair
  • Reduce risk of overuse and impact injury
  • Achieve high heart rate and cardio workout

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