The easiest way to add new programming!


Offer your members and community the workout that Men’s Journal called “One of the 20 Best Workouts in America“. Fluid Running Virtual Group is the easiest way to add deep-water running classes to your pool!

Why Fluid Running Virtual Group?

Flexible Scheduling – Schedule classes without coordinating with instructor availability. The audio workouts can be played anytime. You never have to worry about an instructor calling in sick or canceling at the last minute. Want to add or change class times? No problem.

Easy Management – The class facilitator sets up the speaker, checks attendance, and starts the audio workout. A facilitator can be a class participant or an existing facility employee trained to help participants get the most out of the class.

Attract New Members – Everyone from athletes to seniors can do the same class together, and your non-swimming community members will have a reason to join the pool.

Generate Revenue – We guarantee it, or you don’t spend a dime.


Customisable to meet the needs of any facility!


Fluid Running is a deep water running workout that includes nine other simple movements. Our 10-minute instructional video (watched at home) will teach participants the terminology and proper form.


Participants wear a belt for flotation in the deep end of the pool. Facilities with lane lines can choose to have tethers used to maximize the number of participants.


Fluid Running has an audio library of 26 music-backed, coached workouts (with more being added). Workouts are played through a Bluetooth speaker via the Fluid Running App. The class facilitator starts and ends the workout.


“Fluid Running was wildly popular”
“one of the easiest projects I’ve ever implemented into a schedule”
“the program that you did not know your pool needed”

– Sayre Froelich – Wilmette Park District


Working out in the water provides incredible health benefits, and Fluid Runners see the results. Not only does that keep them returning, but they also spread the word. Many Fluid Runners have:

  • Lost weight – Fluid Running burns 40% more calories than running on land.
  •  Recovered faster – Water fitness is usually one of the first activities approved after most surgeries. Exercise is medicine, and Fluid Running is the best form of exercise!
  •  Toned muscles – Fluid Running is a full body workout, and working against the water’s resistance builds strength and stamina.
  • Crossed the finish line – Fluid Runners have supplemented, or in case of injury, supplanted land running to reach their running goals, whether first-time runners or veteran marathoners.

Have questions? We’ve got answers…

What do pools charge for classes?
Every pool is different and we work with you to determine the best price structure for your pool and clientele. Classes can be offered to members in many different ways. All revenue goes to the pool.
How deep does the pool need to be?
A depth of 5’5″ will allow for Fluid Runners up to 5’10” tall.
Who manages the class?
You choose a class facilitator and Fluid Running provides basic training to them. It can be an employee, lifeguard or class participant.
How does Fluid Running charge for the Virtual Group Class?
It depends on a number of factors such as the size of the pool and how many classes are going to be offered, but this is a very cost-effective way to add popular programming.
Who pays for the equipment?
Each participant will need a belt that can be purchased through our site, or by the pool. The pool will also need a Bluetooth speaker to play the workouts.
How do we market the classes?
Fluid Running has over ten years of experience marketing our classes and we can provide materials and best practices.

Let’s Talk

We’d love to talk with you about how Fluid Running could be a good fit for your pool. Leave us your contact info, or reach out anytime to Mike Lambert at (312) 469-0882.

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