Fluid Running for Podiatrists

The no-impact nature of Fluid Running is a perfect fit for podiatric patients.  It can be used by most patients, and has special qualities that help speed recovery.

“I didn’t understand the science then, but I now prescribe deep water running 100% for injured runners, as well as to improve performance when healthy and to prevent overuse injuries.” – Dr. Megan Leahy, DPM

  • Early postop non-weight bearing rehab
  • Immediate rehab for foot and ankle injuries (not postop)
  • Modifiable workouts for specific foot/ankle problems
  • DIY app allows patient to perform rehab anytime, anywhere\
Recover Faster

When your patient can keep moving, it will help get the recovery started quicker.  Fluid Running greatly increases blood flow, delivering healing nutrients directly to the injuries.

Heal Healthier

When a patient is able to exercise during recovery, it allows the injury and surrounding muscles to heal stronger.

Zero Impact

Zero impact exercises are limited to those found in the water, such as swimming, and deep water running.  With the DIY Fluid Running System, patients can get a great cardio workout without the pain that comes along with the most common rehabilitation exercises.