Fluid Running for Pain, Injury and Recovery

Fluid Running was created to recover from a running injury, but use cases for it didn’t stop there.  Since 2011, we’ve had the ability to change peoples lives.  People that were told they can’t do something, have been told, but you can do Fluid Running.  With H2Go, now anyone can do it, anywhere.

I have RA and Fluid Running is a lifesaver! A great workout that mimics running without the impact on my joints. And it gets my HR up!! – Iron Will Iron Jill (Triathlete)

Why Fluid Run

  • You get to maintain fitness while injured or recovering
  • You’ll get a full body workout including core, stabilizer muscles and hip flexors
  • Zero impact helps reduce the risk of further injury
  • Hydrostatic pressure improves circulation, reduces swelling and can even reduce pain. [source]
  • When you float in the water, it takes compression off your spine and joints, offering greater flexibility
  • You get a great cardio workout

Who Should Do It

Having worked directly with over 1000 Fluid Runners over the years, we’ve seen it all.  The great thing about exercising in the water is that you can adjust to accomodate different injuries, or areas of pain.  Try doing that while running on land.  Before beginning any type of exercise, you should check with your doctor or physical therapist.

Fluid Running is great for those with injuries, especially to the lower extremeties, because not only does it allow you to workout in a no impact environment, you also get the additional healing properties of water.

Recovery and Rehab
Many procedures require time to recover, and many times it’s done in the pool.  Most people will work with an aquatic therapist, or take a aqua aerobics class to get some exercise.  For those that want more than the basics, we invite you to try Fluid Running.
Foot | Knee | Hip | Back | Shoulder | Joint Replacement | Cancer | Stroke

It’s hard to work out, and it’s even harder when you’re in pain.  There’s a reason that people with chronic pain are often told to exercise in the water, and it’s because the water has the ability to minimize pain when you’re in the water.  Studies have shown that there are many conditions that can benefit from exercising in water.
Arthritis | Fibromyalgia | Lymphedema | POTS

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