The easiest way to get your team avoiding injury, and improving performance!

Get your team doing the workout that Men’s Journal called “One of the 20 Best Workouts in America“. Fluid Running for Teams is the easiest way to add deep water running sessions for your team!

Why Fluid Running for Teams?

You Coach Land, We Coach Water – Our videos teach the proper form, then our coached, music-backed workouts get your athletes working hard.

Prevent Injuries and Improve Performance – Not only will the no-impact nature of deep water running help prevent injuries, but we’ll also work with you to incorporate it in a way that will improve athlete performance.

Rehab Injuries – If injuries do happen, your athletes can do the workouts individually to provide a quicker, and stronger return.



Fluid Running is a deep water running workout that includes nine other simple movements. Our 10-minute instructional video will teach athletes the terminology and proper form.


Athletes wear a belt for flotation in the deep end of the pool. Facilities with lane lines can choose to have tethers used to maximize the number of athletes.


Fluid Running has an audio library of 26 music-backed, coached workouts (with more being added). Workouts are played through a Bluetooth speaker via the Fluid Running App. The coach or facilitator starts and ends the workout.


Running in the water supports land training for so many athletes. Don’t think you can get your heart rate up? Think again!

  •  Recovered faster – Athletes can begin running in the water before nearly any other form of activity (check with a doctor first though). This aids in the healing process and provides a stronger return to competition.
  • Injury prevention – Many athletes find Fluid Running after an injury, but then make it part of ongoing training. A team of 15 experienced 0 injuries when incorporated into training.
  • Improved performance – Many athletes have experienced gains in performance when only working out in the water.  When incorporated into traditional training, it truly is a secret weapon.

Have questions? We’ve got answers…

How many athletes can do the workout?
It depends on the size of the pool, but it can range from 1 (using headphones), to over 60.
How deep does the pool need to be?
A depth of 5’5″ will allow for Fluid Runners up to 5’10” tall.
Are these “running” workouts?
You will find a mix of workouts, however, many are inspired by running workouts, and can easily be incorporated into training.
What does this cost?
We want to introduce Fluid Running to a new generation of runners, so we can price it in a way to not make that a factor in most situations.
What equipment is needed?
Each athlete for the team session will need a flotation belt. If done individually, they will need headphones. The only other thing needed is a Bluetooth speaker.


We’d love to talk with you about how Fluid Running could help to solve some big problems. Leave us your contact info, or reach out anytime to Mike Lambert at (312) 469-0882.

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