Adam Kimble

Motivational Speaker & Ultra Runner

Barb Baldassarre

Occupational Therapist

Dr. Chris Joyce

Weight Loss Surgeon & Runner

Ben Hoffman

7X Ironman Champion

“As a professional athlete coming back from injury, I kept my mind open and instituted a few new components to my recovery and build back to full health.⁣”

Traithalon Taren doing Fluid Running

Taren Gesell

Triathlon Taren

“Straight up, that was an honest workout.”

“At one point I checked my heart rate and it was 170. 170 in the pool is really hard to do.”


Fluid Results – Triathlete and Lymphedema Warrior

150 150 Fluid Running

Fluid Running has become a popular form of cross training for many triathletes, and is even more often used when they are recovering from an injury. On Instagram, we would follow triathletes that got an injury, and let them know about the benefits of Fluid Running H2Go. We found Jeff Davis when he posted a…

Graham Smedley Fluid Running in lake

Fluid Recovery – Deca Triathlete Graham Smedley

559 362 Fluid Running

You may be wondering, what is a Deca Triathlon? If you thought that sounded difficult to do you’d be right. Only 5 people have completed it, and Graham Smedley is one of them. It’s an ultra endurance triathlon, which is 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and a 26 mile run….. held once a day,…

Fluid Results – Fountain of Youth

150 150 Fluid Running

With only four training weeks left to go, I added Jennifer’s H2Go program to the end of each Athletics class in hopes of improving my endurance. The many hours in the pool were not in vain. I finished the Marine Corps Marathon in 3:42, which was not only a PR for me (by 22 minutes!), but also a Boston Marathon Qualifying time. As shocking as it may seem to runners (including myself), this was accomplished with only one land run per week!

Runner with DOMS

Active Recovery with Deep Water Running

1024 683 Fluid Running

If only athletes could push themselves to the limit every time they worked out. Imagine the limitless potential if there was no harmful effect of stressing the body and no time for recovery was needed to be ready for the next workout. No doubt the two hour marathon would be broken by now. Hard training…

Facebook Reviews

Fluid Running
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Jan Smolen
Jan Smolen
A fun and addictive workout!
Susan D'Alexander
Susan D'Alexander
I love the fulfilling workout of Fluid Running without causing additional stress on the joints. Plus I'm in the water! What is better than that?!read more
Laura Atchison
Laura Atchison
Wonderful cardio workout; fun and knowledgeable instructors; less stress on the body.
Graham Bromley
Graham Bromley
Best cardio + workout without the aches and tedium from pounding a treadmill or the pavement. And it’s a full body experience. Love it. Just did “Max Out” H2Go - Wickedly wonderful. Makes “Trifecta” feel like a walk in the park!read more
Judy Kamaryt
Judy Kamaryt
Jennifer is wonderful!!! My favorite podcast is the 80’s. Great workout.
Nanci Kalamaya
Nanci Kalamaya
Fluid running classes have kept me running on trails while my 68 year old knees stay happy. Two days in the pool equals two mor trail days for me. I get out of the pool feeling taller too. I love the lateral work in the pool which compliments my whole body workout. Love my FR days!read more
Harriet Kiehl VerGowe
Harriet Kiehl VerGowe
This is a great cardio workout and easy on the joints. You can give it a try for no charge. Check out their web site for more details.read more