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  • Los Angeles Times

    Los Angeles Times article about 9 great winter workout gears highlights "pool running at home" with our Fluid Running H2Go deep-water running app.

  • Triathlon Taren

    I checked my heart rate and it was 170. 170 in the pool is really hard to do.

  • - Hal Higdon

    Pool running works. It cannot substitute entirely for running on roads, but it comes closer to mimicking running than any other cross-training activity.

  • Chicago Tribune

    “While I created it for the runner in mind, it is good for anyone,” Conroyd said. “It’s good for anyone who has any kind of pain, knee pain, hip pain or people who are tired of doing land based exercises and feeling beat up afterward.”

  • Runner's World

    Armed with these tips, the week after my class, I took the H2GO app to the Chicago Park District pool a half-mile from my house. It’s eight feet deep, outdoors, and has adult swim weekdays from 9 to 10 a.m. I tethered myself in a corner and hit play, while women in bathing caps and Speedo-clad men did laps around me.

  • MarketWatch

    "It was a godsend," she says. "Within 15 minutes in the water, I had worked harder than I had worked in 15 years with my cardio. It’s a different way of creating cardio without fear of injury."

  • Crain's Chicago Business

    Proper upright form is maintained under water, and heart rates can reach the same levels they do while you're running on land (once the extra 10 to 15 beats per minute that account for the water's hydrostatic pressure are added).

  • American Fitness Magazine

    Running in deep water reduces impact, adds resistance, increases flexibility and improves circulation. With recent research demonstrating that the effect of training in water can equal the same level of effort on land, it’s no mystery why water running classes are a hot trend.

  • Men's Journal

    You can do your hardest workout of the week in the water, burn up to 40 percent more calories than running on land, and wake up the next morning feeling rejuvenated because there’s no impact!

  • NCTV 17

    Although Fluid Running is fit for anyone, this is not your ordinary aqua aerobics class, and Jennifer hopes to break that stereotype.