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  • WGN-TV

    WGN Living Healthy Chicago

    For our latest 'Motivation To Move' we are looking at a new twist on one of the most popular forms of exercise- running! A lot of us run, but did you know there are some great health benefits when you take that workout into the pool?

  • MSN

    13 Everyday Habits That Are Secretly Killing You

    Exercising in the heat can lead to heatstroke warns Jennifer Conroyd Certified Fitness Trainer and Founder of Fluid Running. "During the summer, people enjoy taking advantage of the nice weather by bringing their workouts outside."

  • Yahoo Finance | HuffPost

    The Phrase That Completely Transformed How I Think About Exercise

    “I love the mantra ‘love yourself first, love yourself most.’ Exercise is one of the best ways you can love yourself,” said Jennifer Conroyd, a certified fitness trainer, ironman and founder of Fluid Running. “You’re reducing your risk of disease. You’re strengthening your body and your heart.

  • David Meltzer - Instagram Live

    How to Market a Niche Product

    Great interview from a seasoned entrepreneur, David Metlzer, where he discussed the topic of how to market a niche product with Jennifer.

  • Daily Mom


    Would dad enjoy changing up his workout routine this summer? He can do cardio and weight training indoors anytime. All of this warm weather and sunshine are perfect for pool running!

  • Women's Running

    I Tried Fluid Running, and Loved It

    "I’ll be using the Fluid Running system through the summer and beyond to train more than I can on land" - Lisa Jhung

  • Injured Athletes Club Podcast

    Vanessa Fraser’s Road to Recovery and the Olympics

    We've shared Vanessa's Fluid Running story with you before, but there is a lot more to it that makes her journey to recovery so special.

  • That Organic Mom Podcast

    Deep Water Running: The Zero Impact Exercise That Won’t Kill Your Knees

    Jennifer talks with Rebecca, "That Organic Mom", on her podcast, and shares a number of stories.

  • Univision: Despierta America

    Lo Mas “In”

    Fluid Running was featured on a Spanish language morning show with international news, including up-to-date topics, entertainment and music reports, and useful information.

  • WBBM News Radio 780

    Made in Chicago: Fluid Running

    Fluid Running Founder, Jennifer Conroyd, was interviewed by Jim Gudas, of WBBM, for this episode of "Made in Chicago".

  • WLS-890 Bruce St. James Show

    How to get rid of pandemic pounds

    42% of adults in America reported they've gained an average of 29 pounds due to COVID-19. Certified fitness trainer Jennifer Conroyd says to be kind to yourself and stop using COVID-19 as an excuse not to work out!

  • NBC 5 Chicago

    NBC 5 Tech Trends: La Grange Businesses

    NBC 5's Charlie Wojciechowski talks with Nancy Cumming's about Fluid Running and other cool "tech gifts" available in La Grange.

  • Authority Magazine

    Why giving happiness GETS you happiness!

    Founder Jennifer Conroyd's interview with Authority magazine, a publication is live! Thank you to Dr. William Seeds for a great interview!


    “Be Patient and be Willing to ‘Pivot,’” with Jennifer Conroyd

    Jennifer discusses how she started Fluid Running, how she’s growing it, and issues she experienced that may help other entrepreneurs as they build theirs.

  • NBC 5 Chicago

    NBC 5 Tech Trends: Healthy Living

    NBC 5’s Art Norman has some of the latest tech trends with the help of a lifestyle expert on all things to better your health.

  • NBC News

    Injured or in pain? Water running may be the workout you’ve been waiting for

    Article about 2 Fluid Runners, why they do it,and how they are staying fit with our Fluid Running H2Go and group classes.

  • Authority Magazine

    5 Lifestyle Tweaks That Will Dramatically Improve One’s Wellbeing

    Dr, William Seeds interviewied our Founder and CEO Jennifer Taylor Conroyd! about lifestyle tweaks to help improve one's wellbeing.

  • Mile High Endurance Podcast

    Jennifer Conroyd Interviewed on Mile High Endurance Podcast

    She is an expert on deep water running and is here to tell us all about how to do it right, the science behind it, and why more and more professional athletes, like Tim O'Donnell, are turning to it.


    The Best Cross-Training Workouts for Runners

    Try a program like Fluid Running's H2Go — which includes a belt, waterproof headphones and an app that guides you through track-style workouts under water.

  • Women Fitness

    21 Best Fitness Apps 2019

    Honored to have been included as one of the 21 Best Fitness Apps for 2019, along with FitBit, BeachBody On Demand, and many other great apps .