How Fluid Running H2Go Works

Deep Water Running Reinvented

You’ve seen “aqua jogging” videos.  You may have even taken a class.  Forget all that.  Fluid Running is a new approach to a classic workout.  Before you get in the pool, you’ll learn the 10 running inspired movements that will be the foundation for all of the Fluid Running H2Go Workouts.  You get immediate access after purchase.

Equipment Setup

Once you get the equipment, you’ll install the Fluid Running H2Go App, download the included workouts, and pair your new Bluetooth, waterproof headphones.

Note: iPhone or Android required, but the phone stays pool side.

Preview an H2Go Workout

Get a better idea of the type of workout you’ll be doing.  Coach Jennifer will call upon the different movements you learned in the videos and motivate you through a Fluid Running workout.  Each and every workout can be done by anyone, regardless of ability, or injury (check with doctor first).  Play the video to get a better idea, or look at our list of our ever expanding H2Go workouts.

At the Pool

When you ge to the pool, you should pick the workout you want to do, and then put it on pause.  Put your phone with your towel and water bottle (you’ll need this), and then strap on the belt, tether, and headphones.  When in the water, you can just push the play button on the headphone to start the H2Go workout.

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