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Defying Time: 84-Year-Old Fluid Runner Still Finishing Marathons

We had the pleasure of interviewing long time Fluid Runner and physician Dr. Hal Brown.  He’s 84 years old, still running (on land and in the water) and he’s not slowing down anytime soon!  We are inspired by him.  Hope you are too!

Jennifer Conroyd, Founder, Fluid Running

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am an 84 year old M.D. family medicine physician retired from practice but still involved in business, and real estate management. Distance running is my best sport and I have enjoyed logging many miles and competing in many races including several Boston Marathons.

What brought you to Fluid Running and how long have you been doing it? How many times a week? 

I came to Fluid Running to rehabilitate a knee injury which was successfully accomplished in a couple of months. However I found it such excellent conditioning that I have stayed with it almost 3 years at 3 times a week or more and have no plans to stop.

Did you have a different opinion of what Fluid Running was prior to purchasing the system? 

Yes, I got into it as a form of rehabilitation. While it was great for that it offered much more in the form of conditioning without pounding the roads in land running and leaving your legs fresh for a more well- rounded life including normal things like activities with grandkids, golf, etc!

What results have you noticed since incorporating Fluid Running into your workout routine? 

Adding Fluid Running to my workout routine has resulted in multiple benefits including a higher level of fitness and physical activity during the geriatric years as well as weight control, cardiovascular, and health benefits.

As a physician, who would you recommend Fluid Running to and why? 

I would recommend it to anyone but especially to people having trouble maintaining physical activity due to musculoskeletal or other health problems.

What are the key benefits to an older audience? 

This is where I get really excited especially older runners who may be having trouble getting In the miles on land that they did previously. Fluid Running I feel allows the aging runner to continue running for many more years than he or she may have imagined. It allows a person to tailor make a workout routine according to their needs or capabilities such as alternating days of land and fluid running or “hard day” “easy day” fluid running only, etc.

Have you experienced any difficulties or challenges while using our products? If so, how did you overcome them? 

About the only difficulty I have found is finding water deep enough since I am over 6 feet tall. The best solution I have found is the local Y.M.C.A. which has a 9 foot deep Indoor heated pool.

How would you describe the overall experience of using our products? 

As a marathoner at age 84 I feel it has added considerably to my mental and physical health by knowing I can modify my workout routine using Fluid Running to stay active for many more years than I expected. And I find I am gradually doing more fluid running as the years go by.

Do you have a favorite workout or workouts you like to do?

I consider the 10K run you do a true masterpiece!  So I don’t mind doing it over and over. I sometimes alternate between the 10K and Take the Long Way Home.

Anything else you would like to share?

The safety and convenience of Fluid Running (look at what’s happening on running trails) I think is significant at all ages but especially in the 80 y/o category and especially if you do it in your home pool.

This is just a personal item but when you reach 80, people are always hounding you with the question  –  “are you still running “.   The perfect answer: YES – “Fluid Running”.

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