How many calories do you burn when Fluid Running®?

150 150 Jennifer Conroyd

Using the Fluid Running® Method, you can burn up to 40% more calories than land running. Every movement is resisted by the 360 degree pressure of the water, increasing the number of muscles recruited, the effort expended, and the calorie burn.

The repeat High-Intensity (HIIT) intervals (or Tabata intervals) create the EPOC effect (increased post-exercise oxygen consumption), in which your metabolism remains elevated for 24-36 hours post-workout, increasing the total calorie burn from a single workout.

In addition, because of the rapid recovery time in the water, you can do more intervals in the water than you could on land in the same time and thus burn even more calories per hour.

Studies show that deep water running burns 11.5-kcals/min, or more, depending on intensity levels, or approximately 700 kcals/hr. Land running burns 8kcals/min, or more, depending on intensity levels, or approximately 480/kcals per hour.