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Triathlete and Lymphedema Warrior Jeff Davis

Fluid Running has become a popular form of cross training for many triathletes, and is even more often used when they are recovering from an injury. On Instagram, we would follow triathletes that got an injury, and let them know about the benefits of Fluid Running H2Go. We found Jeff Davis when he posted a picture of his broken toe. We went on to discover that not only did he have a fused ankle, but he also had Lymphedema. As a personal trainer also, if anyone was going to immediately “get it”, it was going to Jeff. We asked Jeff to share about his experience with Fluid Running H2Go, and how it has worked for him.

Jeff’s Experience with Fluid Running

Anything a lymphie can do in the water is awesome.  Like you talk about the hydrostatic pressure of the water allows a lymphie to exercise free of compression, which most of us use 23/7 and let me tell you it feels amazing to get out of compression even for a little while.   The pressure combined with movement promotes lymph flow and therefore helps reduce the size of the limb.

Some of the big issues with lymphedema is pain in the LE limb with movement and or weight bearing.  Also for some, the weight of limb makes it very uncomfortable to move and in a lot of folks the inability to move then causes obesity and depression.  By being weightless in the water, lymphies can move more freely and a lot times without pain

I feel like also being able to run or even walk effects the mental well being of us lymphies.  So many of us are told “you Can’t” so often that we can feel life is over.  Which really breaks my heart when I see someone who is here mentally.  So, just being able to tell someone that “I am a runner” can go along way.  So for the most part Fluid Running can help a lymphie be a lot more active and not only improve their LE health, but can help with weight loss, depression, cardio health, and strength

As far as my experience goes, I started using fluid running when I broke my toe and couldn’t run for 5 weeks.  I was amazed at how the workout kicked my butt.  Being able to run, I didn’t miss out on any training, which I was training for a triathlon at the time.  Running has helped my leg reduce in size, but I always have to wear compression, so to be able to get in the pool and run without compression really felt amazing I notice the same if not more reduction in swelling that I do when run dryland.  Also having the fused ankle that still cause pain with impact, I can run completely pain free. 

Probably the most amazing benefit I noticed  is when I transitioned back into dry land running was the strength and endurance that I had developed!  It blew my expectations out of the water, pun intended?.

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