Fluid Running blog post

“Fluid Running has saved my life.”  We’ve heard this many times from Fluid Runners who have lost a significant amount of weight, got off meds, or were able to finally exercise even with a nagging injury. But, this was the first time we heard about someone who literally may have died if it weren’t for Fluid Running. She gave us permission to share her story anonymously.  

This particular Fluid Runner, an experienced sailor, was sailing from Wisconsin to Michigan as part of a race when a very intense storm hit.  At 4:00 a.m., a wave struck and threw her out of the boat into Lake Michigan’s 57-degree waters.  Her safety harness snapped, separating her from the boat in the pitch black.  She found herself alone and scared but was grateful for her preparation.  Outfitted with a life jacket containing a flashing beacon, she remained afloat and visible, but the hours of Fluid Running she had logged in over the past year were also critical to her survival. She had been Fluid Running everyday for months, and she credits that with her ability to survive the hour it took for her to be located and rescued.  She even mentioned that when the big (5 foot) waves came, she would do “ups” to keep her head above the water.  She said to Jennifer,  “A critical component of why I am here today is because of Fluid Running along with a lifejacket, proper safety equipment, and water awareness.   I was also very lucky to have a group of very experienced people looking for me. 

We know Fluid Running is an incredible workout, but never in a million years did we think it could play a role in saving someone’s life.  We are so thankful for a happy ending to what could have been a tragic story and grateful that Fluid Running played a role in it. 

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