Fluid Running in a wetsuit

Depending on where you live, the lure of summer is right around the corner, but the outside temperature is still a bit chilly.  Your outdoor pool is beckoning, but it may be a little chilly too. The thought of hopping in seems very unappealing! Until the weather and the water gets warmer, consider trying a wetsuit to bridge the seasons.

According to  Jim Lapenta, a certified dive instructor, wetsuits don’t keep you warm. What they do is slow the amount of heat loss. Wetsuits do this using a layer of neoprene and a thin layer of water trapped between that and the skin. The end result is that your body stays warm because the heat is not released.  Wearing a wetsuit while you exercise, when your body temperature is already elevated, can allow you to Fluid Run even during some of the coldest weather. 

Tips for buying and using a wetsuit:

Not all wetsuits are created equal!  Wetsuits come in various thicknesses for different temperatures – the warmer the wetsuit, the thicker the neoprene.  As the neoprene gets thicker, your range of motion becomes more restricted and may impede your arms and legs from moving as freely as needed to properly Fluid Run. Choosing the right wetsuit for your needs involves several factors, including price and warmth.  This wetsuit buying guide is extraordinarily comprehensive and outlines essential considerations for you before you invest in one. How to choose a wetsuit

Once you find the right wetsuit for your climate considerations, there are several important Fluid Running considerations to take into account.  Even though a wet suit adds buoyancy, it may not provide enough for you to ditch your belt.  Maintaining proper form is so important, so try it first without the belt and if you still feel like you are sinking, put your belt on! If you feel like you are overheating, simply pull on the wetsuit from around your neck and let some cold water in! 

Be sure to always rinse the chlorine from your wetsuit and hang it to dry.  These small steps will prolong the life of the suit.  Finally, if putting on and taking off your wetsuit becomes a workout in itself, consider purchasing a product like Trislide to make it easier. 

We understand that Fluid Running is addicting!  Finding ways to keep going even when the weather gets cold is well worth the investment! 

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