Fluid Running for Weight Loss

Fluid Running is an excellent exercise for weight loss that combines aerobic conditioning with strength training. Using the Fluid Running System, you can burn up to 40% more calories than land running.

Calorie Burning Machine

Every movement is resisted by the 360 degree pressure of the water, increasing the number of muscles recruited, the effort expended, and the calorie burn.

The repeat High-Intensity (HIIT) intervals (or Tabata intervals) create the EPOC effect (increased post-exercise oxygen consumption), in which your metabolism remains elevated for 24-36 hours post-workout, increasing the total calorie burn from a single workout.

“Fluid Running pretty much saved my life…. I love that it’s a no impact workout that gets your heart rate going! The water is like a cure all for me. I truly believe that my life has changed because of this program. I feel stronger and am healthier than I have ever been.”

L. C.

Benefits for Losing Weight

High Calorie Expenditure

Deep water running burns up to 40% more calories per minute than running on land.

Zero and Low Impact

Reduced joint stress, and increased flexibility, allow for exercise when many other programs don’t.

Strength Building

Get a full body workout including arms, legs and all core stabilizer muscles

Improved Circulation

.Hydrostatic pressure provides Increased circulation and compression on lower legs

Cardiovascular Health

Increased resistance in the water contributes to a great cardio workout in a safer environment.

Reduce Injury Risk

Other forms of exercise can lead to a greater risk of injury.  Water is safer than most others.

What People Are Saying

I was recently diagnosed with a health issue and was told it would help if I lost weight.  I accepted the challenge and have lost 55 lbs in 6 months.  I changed my eating habits to a healthier diet and continued with my Fluid Running at least 3X a week.

Judy V.

It totally changed my energy level.  I feel so much more toned and fit and energetic.  I cannot say enough positive things about it.  I just love it!

Lynda W.

I decided it was now or never.  I was either going to get in shape or die in the near future. I have lost 154 pounds.  I do Fluid Running 3-4 times a week.

Emily R.

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