The Gift of Fluid Running

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Fluid Running makes a great gift, but there are a couple ways to do it, so pick the one that’s best for you.

Fluid Running Gift Card

When you purchase a gift card for someone, a special code will be created that can be used to receive a Fluid Running System delivered to the recipient once they register on our site.

Want to surprise them? Have it sent to you, otherwise, you can add their email address into the order and it will be sent directly to them.

Fluid Running System (delivered)

If you want to have the system delivered right away, you can purchase a Fluid Running System and have it delivered to you, or to the recipient. With the purchase of a System, there is a login created for the educational videos and the app. You should either purchase with their email address (and create them a password), or use yours, and then perform the following transfer steps.

Want to surprise them? Have it delivered to you, and wait until after you give them the system to transfer the account. You don’t want any setup emails to tip them off.

How to transfer your Fluid Running Account

Log in with the account info you set up here.

Edit the account info with the new Fluid Runner info here.

You can either change the password, provide them the original, or have them create their own using the “Lost Password” here.

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