Mike Lambert marathon finisher

The Unlikely Marathoner

We asked Fluid Running partner, Mike Lambert, our VP and “tech guy”, who is working to make Fluid Running available around the world, about his recent marathon experience.– Jennifer Conroyd By Mike Lambert Five years ago, if you had asked me if I would run a marathon, I would answer…

Jen Govostis at the Boston Marathon

A Fluid Approach to a Marathon

We asked our Fluid Runner, Jen Govostis to tell us about her “water based” marathon training program that got her to the start and finish line of the 2021 Boston Marathon.   We hope this story will inspire and give hope to all the runners who inevitably find themselves with some…

Fluid Running blog post

Fluid Running Saved My Life

“Fluid Running has saved my life.”  We’ve heard this many times from Fluid Runners who have lost a significant amount of weight, got off meds, or were able to finally exercise even with a nagging injury. But, this was the first time we heard about someone who literally may have…

Vanessa Fraser running

Rehabbing Like a Pro with Professional Runner Vanessa Fraser

Rehabbing Like a Pro with Professional Runner Vanessa Fraser “Fluid Running is the perfect supplemental tool to add in the extra cardio work without impact. I plan to continue to use it 2-3 times per week even when I am completely healthy again.“Vanessa Fraser Jennifer had the great pleasure and…

Triathlete on a bike

Triathlete and Lymphedema Warrior Jeff Davis

Triathlete and Lymphedema Warrior Jeff Davis Fluid Running has become a popular form of cross training for many triathletes, and is even more often used when they are recovering from an injury. On Instagram, we would follow triathletes that got an injury, and let them know about the benefits of…

Fluid Running and lymphedema

Fluid Recovery from Lymphedema

Fluid Recovery from Lymphedema Too many people are unaware of what Lymphedema is, and how it impacts people’s lives. We at Fluid Running were guilty of that also until we saw a post from virginias_voyage on Instagram.  She had seen Fluid Running and thought it might help her when she had a “Lymphedema flare”…

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Fluid Running Is The Best Cardio Strength And Endurance Workout For Me

Fluid running is the best cardio strength and endurance workout for me. I can do it every day and the hydrostatic pressure of the water can I help my heart rate come down so fast after I get it so high in one of the hip cardio workouts. It is a pain free workout that can be done anywhere, anytime, all you need is a pool!

Alyssa P.

Love It More Than Words Can Convey. Life Changing!

It’s totally changed my energy level. I feel so much more toned and fit and energetic, and I cannot say enough positive things about it. I just love it.

Lynda W.

It helps keep the mileage off my legs and helps prevent overuse injuries.

My patients have adopted Fluid Running, and they’ve been raving about. Oftentimes they can’t do aerobic exercise well because of their medical issues, and the Fluid Running works great for that group.

Dr. C.

Kept me engaged. Made the time go really fast.

I miss running on the road, but I’m not able to do it anymore because of aches and pain and injuries, but I see this is a viable alternative that I’m able to do.

Barb B.

I reccommend it to anybody of any age

For me, it has been a lifesaver because it’s the only workout I’m able to do. I recommend it to everybody. There is no impact.

Gayle D.

The first time I got in the pool with it, I was able to move my entire body, pain-free.

Kiona S.

Great workout with no impact

Motivational Speaker & Ultra Runner

Adam K.

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