Sample Fluid Running Workout

In order to do a Fluid Running Workout, you’ll need a flotation belt (don’t try without it). Many pools have them available, or you can buy our premium flotation belt or purchase a different one from several online retailers. You’ll also need a way to listen to the workout. We sell Bluetooth, waterproof headphones, but you can listen from your phone speaker or Bluetooth speaker.

Step 1. Learn the Moves

The Fluid Running technique teaches you how to mimic land running form in the deep water.  If you’ve tried aqua jogging before, you’ll likely find this quite different.  We will teach you how to do the movements necessary for the sample workout.

Step 2: Listen to the Workout or Print Sample

Dare to Try Sample Fluid Running Workout
Dare To Try is a free 27 minute sample of a Fluid Running workout. If you like it, purchase the Fluid Running System which includes instructional videos for nine additional movements, all the equipment you need, and three 55 minute workouts. We have more workouts available for purchase varying in length and intensity. If you already have your own equipment, purchase the Fluid Running Digital Bundle.

Fluid Running Samples to Print
Workout #1 (2 of 10 moves)
Reverse Ladder (run only)

Listen to the workout by playing the audio below, or from your phone by installing the Fluid Running App, click “browse content”, select “About”, and find the link at the bottom of the page. Bluetooth, waterproof headphones may be necessary if you can’t hear the workout from a speaker.

Step 3: Order Today

We hope you now know why people love Fluid Running so much!  Order your Fluid Running system today and join the Fluid Running Revolution!