Fluid Running reduces inflammation


Can deep water exercise help with symptoms of acute or chronic inflammation?  Whether you are dealing with sore muscles, injury, osteoarthritis, lymphedema, POTS, fibromyalgia or other forms of inflammation, getting in the water might be your best bet. Learn how the properties found in deep water such as buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, and viscosity (resistance) can help you. 

What is inflammation?

Each of us has experienced inflammation of some kind. It’s how the body responds to outside invaders, such as bacteria, infection, or injury. Swelling and soreness are often immediate signs of acute inflammation that last for a short period. But millions also experience chronic inflammation, which can be caused by several different factors, including certain auto-immune disorders. While not as visible, the symptoms of chronic inflammation can range from bothersome to debilitating. 

Water exercise (especially deep water) provides significant benefits for those with acute and chronic inflammation. 

Finding healthy ways to stay active with inflammation can improve one’s quality of life significantly. Studies have shown that when submerged and exercising in water, specifically deep water, toxins, soreness, and inflammation can be flushed out.

Dr. Bruce Becker states that “The aquatic environment produces physiologic changes that help remove metabolic waste, improve cardiac function, lower blood pressure, and assist the body in tissue healing as well as aiding the circulatory, pulmonary and musculo-skeletal systems”.

In contrast to the pounding of land-based exercise, which can exacerbate inflammation, aquatic-based movement can substantially benefit those with acute and chronic inflammation. When immersed in deep water, hydrostatic pressure forces blood up to the heart and away from extremities thereby reducing inflammation. The increased blood flow to the heart increases overall circulation in the body. Moreover, gravity is eliminated in deep water relieving pressure on joints and increasing range of motion. Finally, water’s density creates viscosity forcing the body to work harder and therefore improving both strength and cardiovascular function.   

Conditions and Diseases That Benefit

Exercising in deep water without impact has far-reaching benefits. Studies affirm that it can significantly reduce pain and inflammation for the following: 




Lymphedema in breast cancer survivors

Primary and secondary lymphedema

Muscle recovery after hard land-based exercise or injury

Fluid Running Might Be The Answer

Some of the criticisms of aquatic exercise or aqua jogging are that it’s boring or an exercise for octagenarians. Fluid Running has changed that by develoing a program to engage and appeal to all age groups and fitness levels while simultaneously acknowledging the massive health benefits gained from being in deep water. Fluid Running workouts are guided, challenging and motivating and therefore people keep doing them for a long time and ultimately see positive changes in their bodies.

Flushing out toxins and reducing pain associated with acute or chronic inflammation is just one of the many benefits of Fluid Running and aquatic exercise.  Increased mobility, weight loss, and emotional and physical wellbeing are added benefits that can significantly improve overall quality of life.  There’s nothing to lose but your pain by trying Fluid Running or other water-based exercises.

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