The Fluid Running story began with a twist of fate. Founder Jennifer Conroyd sustained an injury that threatened to derail her participation six weeks before a scheduled marathon. Undeterred, she turned to deep water running as her sole training method during her recovery. This experience was Jennifer’s “aha moment.” She realized the incredible potential of deep water running and felt compelled to share its benefits with others, sparking the birth of Fluid Running.

Starting with just a single group class in the Chicagoland area and Jennifer as the only instructor, Fluid Running quickly gained traction. As demand grew, Jennifer expanded the program by developing a certified instructor training course so Fluid Running could expand and be offered at multiple pools.  However, the interest in Fluid Running extended far beyond local demand. To make her program accessible globally, Jennifer partnered with a business innovator who helped develop the Fluid Running app. This app allows users worldwide to download audio workouts and engage in deep water running anytime, anywhere, bringing Jennifer’s vision full circle from a personal solution to a global fitness revolution.

As the Fluid Running app gained popularity, the team identified an opportunity to further enhance its offerings. Recognizing that not everyone has access to deep-water pools, especially while traveling, Fluid Running expanded its workout library to include shallow-water workouts. This commitment to inclusivity and adaptability ensures that anyone, anywhere, can access top-tier low-impact fitness options, upholding Jennifer’s vision of transformative fitness solutions for all.


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Simply stated, our mission is to offer everyone, including people with pain, the gift of an effective and empowering fitness experience.

Our promise is to offer you a way to achieve your personal fitness goals without negative impact to your body. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the joy and benefits of physical activity, regardless of any obstacles, especially pain.

By reimagining aqua jogging and water aerobics, we aim to provide accessible, personalized exercise that accommodates diverse needs and inspires individuals to prioritize their health and well-being. By giving the gift of exercise to everyone, even those facing pain, we aspire to promote resilience, enhance quality of life, and foster wellness in every day lives.


At our core, our signature method of teaching, coaching, and motivating is carefully designed to unlock the full potential of every individual, ensuring maximum results in their fitness journey. We do this by blending unique movements with the ability for personalized intensity. Through guided instruction, empathetic coaching, and unwavering encouragement, we empower Fluid Runners to embrace their strengths, conquer their challenges, and achieve their personal goals.

Our commitment to fitness is reflected in every workout, where we harness the power of water to deliver a revolutionary approach to pool workouts that build strength and cardiovascular endurance with little or no impact on your joints and tendons. Since 2011, Fluid Running has been used to help thousands of individuals of all backgrounds, abilities, and circumstances to embrace the transformative power of exercise.

Join us on this journey of empowerment and let our signature approach propel you towards your wellness aspirations like never before. Let us give you the gift of pain free fitness so that you can keep doing the things you love!

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