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The Painless Workout
That Anyone Can Do

Fluid Running H2Go Deep Water Running App

The Painless Workout
That Anyone Can Do

Great workout for those with Lymphedema!

  • - No impact.
  • - Anyone can do it. At any time.
  • - On your schedule, at your pace.
  • - No compression necessary as the water provides it.
  • - Use code LymphieStrong for 2 Free Workouts

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Customers Love Us

“When I fluid run I notice little to no adverse reaction with my lymphedema so I do not have to do MLD massage after.”
- Virginia

Fluid Running can help a lymphie be a lot more active
- Jeff
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We Teach You How

9 Fluid Running Movements

We teach you 9 different running based movements to challenge and engage different muscle groups and keep the workouts interesting.

Fluid Running Instructional Video

We Guide You

Instructor-Led Workouts

It's like having a personal trainer in your ear! Our H2Go workouts are as challenging as you want to make them and you can do them as often as you want.

3 included with more workouts available for purchase

Listen to Sample Fluid Running Workout

What you'll Need

A body of water

A pool or lake that is no less than 5 inches shorter than you. Your feet can't touch the bottom.

A way to listen to it

Anything you can connect to Bluetooth. You can use headphones (waterproof not required as your head doesn't get wet), or a pool side speaker.

A flotation belt

You'll need a flotation belt to keep you at the right level in the water.

What's Included

Instructional Videos

You can't learn these moves anywhere else. The Fluid Running Method works and maximizes your workout!

Fluid Running App with 3 Workouts

You'll get 3 Fluid Running Workouts that you can use as many times as you'd like. If you want to mix it up more, there are extra workouts available for purchase.

Access to our Private Facebook Group

When you Fluid Run, you're never alone. Our private Fluid Running Fans Facebook Group is a great place to learn, connect with others, and get motivated.


(unlimited use)

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Find out why this workout is changing lives now.

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Use code LymphieStrong for 2 FREE Workouts

System & Equipment Package

Get the Fluid Running System with 3 workouts, instructional videos, and all the equipment you need!

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Use code LymphieStrong for 2 FREE Workouts

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a subscription?

There is no subscription needed. Purchase the system, and you can play the workouts as often as you'd like.

Is this only for runners?

No. This is not just for runners. Fluid Running is geared for all participants, no running experience necessary!

Is Fluid Running right for me?

The beauty of Fluid Running is that it is a non-weight bearing form of exercise which makes it perfect for just about everyone.

Your Coach, Jennifer Conroyd

Jennifer Conroyd, Fluid Running FounderJennifer Conroyd is the founder of Fluid Running. She is an avid athlete, Boston Marathoner and Ironman. Jennifer discovered the benefits of deep water running when she sustained an injury while training for the Chicago Marathon. She, along with all her siblings, were running as a team to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Jennifer’s nephew was diagnosed with the disease at a very young age.

Due to her injury, she could no longer train by running on land, so she took to the pool and ran solely in deep water for the six weeks leading up to the marathon. Her successful finish in that marathon propelled her to create Fluid Running with the goal of helping other injured runners. She is an A.C.E. certified personal trainer and USA Track and Field trained coach and has her Exercise Is Medicine credential. You won’t find a running coach that knows more, or is more passionate about water running. Watch the full story behind Fluid Running.

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