Lost 55 Pounds, Feels 20 Years Younger

We asked avid Fluid Runner Judy V. to tell us about her health journey and how Fluid Running has helped her along the way.– Jennifer Conroyd

I started Fluid Running in 2012 after a friend introduced me to it.  I immediately fell in love with the exercise, and it has helped me recover from several injuries & surgeries including foot tendinitis, knee meniscus, and rotator cuff repair.  My doctors approved of Fluid Running as a post-op exercise and told me I recovered quicker than the norm because of being in good shape, which I attribute to Fluid Running. In some cases, I was not able to do land exercises but I could get in the pool as soon as the incisions had healed. 

I was recently diagnosed with a health issue and was told it would help if I lost weight.  I accepted the challenge and have lost 55 lbs in 6 months.  I changed my eating habits to a healthier diet and continued with my Fluid Running at least 3X a week.  Often times I would do additional days with the Fluid Running App and workouts, and I would do the newer shallow water workouts on days I didn’t Fluid Run.  I even went on a short vacation during my weight loss and was able to keep up my exercise with the shallow water workouts on the app, not skipping a beat with dropping the pounds. The nice thing about the shallow water workouts is no equipment is needed other than my phone and headset!  It saves space in the luggage!  I am able to get my heart rate as high during the Fluid Running shallow-water workouts as I do during the deep-water workouts, and the core exercises are amazing! Another exercise trick I did was use the Fluid Running App workouts with my spin bike.  A little creativity goes a long way, like doing “jumps” for “running ups”; cranking up the resistance for “long cross-country” or “long stride running”, and peddle quickly for “sprints” or “short cross-country”.  It made the workouts go faster when I used “brain exercises” to improvise on the bike!

I have been able to go off several of my medications due to the weight loss, and physically I feel 20 years younger.  I have so much energy and am able to do activities that were restricted to me before.  I hope to continue to lose more weight and further improve my overall health.  I firmly believe that I could not have achieved this success without Fluid Running.  It’s not just cardio benefits but also strength-building.  The weight seemed to “melt off” and I felt very “toned up” in the process.  I have never been a runner on land, but I can do anything in the water!

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