NBC 5 Tech Trends: Healthy Living

Feb 29, 2020 |

NBC 5’s Art Norman has some of the latest tech trends with the help of a lifestyle expert on all things to better your health.

Womens Fitness magazine image

21 Best Fitness Apps 2019

Jun 26, 2019 |

Honored to have been included as one of the 21 Best Fitness Apps for 2019, along with FitBit, BeachBody On Demand, and many other great apps.

Triathlete Taren in the pool

Review of the new WATER RUNNING technique Fluid Running

Nov 4, 2018 |

Fluid running is the all new deep water running technique that has been called one of the 20 Best Workouts in America, it’s the new water running technique that Triathlon Taren is using to run faster without getting injured.

Runners World article

Injured and Can’t Run? This App Can Help You Continue Training for Your Race

Aug 24, 2018 |

Armed with these tips, the week after my class, I took the Fluid Running app to the Chicago Park District pool a half-mile from my house. It’s eight feet deep, outdoors, and has adult swim weekdays from 9 to 10 a.m. I tethered myself in a corner and hit play, while women in bathing caps and Speedo-clad men did laps around me.

Market Watch image

How to stay fit with bad knees

Sep 1, 2017 |

“It was a godsend,” she says. “Within 15 minutes in the water, I had worked harder than I had worked in 15 years with my cardio. It’s a different way of creating cardio without fear of injury.”

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