With a long history writing marathon training plans, Hal Higdon has known the benefits of deep water running for many years.

Hal Higdon says that Water Running beats any other form of Cross Training.

He also practices what he preaches, and incorporates water running into his training.

Hal Higdon and Jennifer Conroyd of Fluid Running
Hal Higdon and Jennifer Conroyd of Fluid Running

We had an opportunity to talk to Hal about Fluid Running, and how we are trying to educate runners on how this form of injury recovery is also great for cross training, and longevity. We were blown away when he wrote an article for TrainingPeaks titled “Should You Include Pool Running in Your Training Plans?“. The answer is YES! We even get a nice mention from the legendary coach.

We are now anxiously looking forward to the 5th edition of his marathon running bible, Marathon, The Ultimate Training Guide, available March 3rd, 2020, which will include a whole new chapter on water running as part of marathon training.

We believe that deep water running has many benefits for those training for a marathon. If you haven’t done deep water running before, or you’ve done it, and think you’re not doing it right, or got bored doing it, take a look at Fluid Running H2Go. You can incorporate it into any training plan by performing a workout on a cross training day, or one of our running based workouts can be used to replace one of your regular runs. Just count it time for time, and effort for effort. We look forward to seeing what Hal has to say in his newest edition.