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We’re glad you’ve decided to take the plunge and try out deep water running with the Fluid Running Method.  As the most popular deep water running method available, we’ve decided it’s time to truly get it into the hands of anyone that wants to strap on a belt, and get in the water.

For me, it has been a lifesaver because it’s the only workout I’m able to do. I recommend it to everybody. There is no impact!” – Gail Ditchman

What's Included for FREE?

Instructional videos showing
  • Our proprietary 5 Step Fluid Running Method
  • 1 of the 9 additional moves
  • 2 printable Fluid Running Workouts
  • Access to the Fluid Running App with a 30 minute coach-led, audio workout

What You'll Need

How do I start?

To get access to the videos, fill out your email address to the right.  We’ll send you the links you need, and keep you up to date on our plans to expand what’s available for FREE.  There might even be a coupon code in the email. 

Free Sample Workouts

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Fluid Running Saved My Life

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“Fluid Running has saved my life.”  We’ve heard this many times from Fluid Runners who have lost a significant amount of weight, got off meds, or were able to finally exercise even with a nagging injury. But, this was the first time we heard about someone who literally may have died if it weren’t for…

Fluid Running in a Wetsuit

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Depending on where you live, the lure of summer is right around the corner, but the outside temperature is still a bit chilly.  Your outdoor pool is beckoning, but it may be a little chilly too. The thought of hopping in seems very unappealing! Until the weather and the water gets warmer, consider trying a…

Is the Fluid Running System worth the price?

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We all want to know that our hard-earned money is being well spent, and we are getting value from our purchases.  This sentiment is especially true with exercise equipment and fitness programs.  We want to know that what we are buying is worth the price and will live up to our expectations and the product’s…