Fluid Running and lymphedema

Fluid Recovery from Lymphedema

Too many people are unaware of what Lymphedema is, and how it impacts people’s lives. We at Fluid Running were guilty of that also until we saw a post from virginias_voyage on Instagram.  She had seen Fluid Running and thought it might help her when she had a “Lymphedema flare” so she got our H2Go System.  We knew how beneficial Fluid Running was for injury recovery, fitness maintenance, weight loss and increased performance but we were not aware of the myriad benefits for those with Lymphedema and lymphatic disorders.  We have since learned a great deal about the different types of Lymphedema and the effect they can have on daily life. We have become advocates for better understanding and awareness and hope Fluid Running will continue to play a part in helping those with Lymphedema lead a healthy lifestyle. We are grateful to Virginia for sharing her “voyage” with us.  See what she, and others say about how Fluid Running has changed their lives and allowed them to exercise, keep active and feel better.

Virginia’s Experience with Fluid Running

“My name is Virginia and I have secondary lymphedema in my inner left thigh and left pelvis areas due to having had cervical cancer treatments of lymph node removal, radiation and chemotherapy.  Shortly after treatment I started to notice the lymphedema coming and going but once I got into running it started to flare and stick around.  

I would constantly be doing manual lymph drain (MLD) massage, wearing medical grade compression during the day/night and athletic compression during runs.  After dealing with lymphedema flares and an ankle injury my running coach suggested fluid running.  

Here are the reasons I love fluid running:

  • Benefits of running while not dealing with the stress on my body from pounding on the pavement that would normally cause my lymphedema to flare.
  • When I fluid run I notice little to no adverse reaction with my lymphedema so I do not have to do MLD massage after.  
  • Fluid running is challenging!  You are constantly moving and you have the ability to get your heart rate pumping.
  • My joints and muscles do not ache after fluid running like they do after land running.  
  • I can fluid run and get in a weight training session in the same day without the ache or a lymphedema flare.  
  • The water naturally cools me down so I am not having to battle the heat impact on my lymphedema as I did with land running.  
  • The hydrostatic pressure from the water also serves as a natural compression on my body while fluid running so it feels great on my lymphedema!
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