Fluid Running for Fitness

Looking to increase cardio endurance, tone muscle, get faster, stronger and more fit?  Fluid Running provides all of those benefits in one workout. Running in deep water gives you all the endurance benefits of running on land plus the additional benefits of strength and toning because muscles are required to work harder in water than on land.  Water is 800 times denser than air requiring the body to engage the core, arms, glutes and legs to power through water without the harmful pounding on joints and tissue that can come from land running. Old or young, experienced with fitness or just beginning, Fluid Running offers a comprehensive, full body workout that can be modified for everyone’s fitness level.

I got my heart rate up to 170. 170 in the pool is really hard to do! – Triathlon Taren

Benefits for Fitness

  • Same benefits as running on land
  • Cardiovascular workout
  • Strength and resistance training
  • Overall body workout
  • High calorie expenditure
  • Increased circulation/blood flow and compression on lower legs
  • No Impact

Supporting Articles

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Exercise with Knee Pain

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Recommended Workouts

  • Fluid Running 10K $20.00 [62 min] [Run] [Endurance] We motivate and challenge you to run from start to finish with a few hills to tackle, short pick-ups, mile marker-shout outs and water stops to make you feel like you just completed a 10K race.
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  • $20.00 [55 min] [Run] [Sprints] This is a runner-focused workout with TRACK SETS as the meat of this workout.  Mile run, 800's (two times around the track), 400s (one time around the track) and 200s (half a lap).
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