How to Bring Fluid Running to Your Facility

Add Fluid Running Classes

Reap The Benefits


Fluid Running classes are a great revenue-generating Group Exercise class to add to your aquatics & fitness facility.

Broad Client Appeal

Elite athletes, runners, swimmers and non-swimmers alike, seniors, pregnant women, and weekend warriors attend Fluid Running classes.


Fluid Running classes retain clientele.


Fluid Running classes utilize facilities’ off-peak hours.

New Memberships

Fluid Running classes draw new clients.

Low Cost

Fluid Running classes require minimal start up costs.

Expanded Offerings

Facilities that have added Fluid Running maintain and expand their Fluid Running programs year after year.

Fluid Running

Pool Requirements

  • The pool must have a space that is 6 feet deep.
  • The pool’s 6 foot depth area must be large enough to accommodate runners, with a space of approximately 3-4 foot width per runner.
  • Each pool must have a minimum of 2 trained and certified Fluid Running Instructors.
  • The recommended water temperature is between 79 – 81 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Fluid Running programs demonstrate proven success when training instructors who possess:

i.    High-energy, enthusiasm with prior group exercise experience.
ii.    Excellent balance.
iii.    Other fitness certifications.


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