Stretching and Fluid Running

Stretching in the Water

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BENEFITS OF STRETCHING Stretching doesn’t get the respect it deserves.  Taking the time to stretch is essential.  And it’s especially important now.  Months of quarantine, sitting at makeshift desks (aka our kitchen tables) or in Zoom calls for hours at a time can cause lower back discomfort and body stiffness.  Unfortunately, many of us have…

Exercising with Knee Pain

Exercise with Knee Pain

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Types of knee pain There are different types of knee pain, and it’s essential to try to distinguish between them.  You will generally know if you have torn a ligament or an ACL or caused structural damage to your knee.  In those cases, the pain cannot be ignored and is an important signal for your…

10-10-10 The Start of the Fluid Running Revolution

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Special Anniversary Offer (through October)10% Off System with code: 101010off$10 Off one workout with code: 10years10off Tearing her calf muscle might have been one of the best things that happened to Jennifer Conroyd. She certainly didn’t believe it then, but ten years later, her story is worth sharing. It’s a story that began as a…

Breast Cancer and Water Exercise

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Clinical research supports the benefit of water exercise for breast cancer survivors.  Remaining active after breast cancer surgery can improve your emotions and your recovery.  Exercise and activity are an essential part of our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.  We know that exercise is medicine, but research suggests this is especially true for breast cancer…

Recommended Workouts

  • Fluid Running 10K $20.00 [62 min] [Run] [Endurance] We motivate and challenge you to run from start to finish with a few hills to tackle, short pick-ups, mile marker-shout outs and water stops to make you feel like you just completed a 10K race.
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  • $20.00 [55 min] [Run] [Sprints] This is a runner-focused workout with TRACK SETS as the meat of this workout.  Mile run, 800's (two times around the track), 400s (one time around the track) and 200s (half a lap).
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