About Fluid Running

What Is the Fluid Running System?

The Fluid Running System is an individualized high intensity, total body conditioning, deep water running workout based off of Fluid Running’s highly successful group exercise class that Men’s Journal named one of the “20 Best Workouts in America”. Wearing the specially designed running belt, included in your purchase, to keep you suspended in deep water you will mimic the motion of land running but never touch the bottom of the pool creating a non-impact, high intensity form of exercise. Accompanied by high energy, fun music, founder and personal trainer, Jennifer Conroyd will coach you through an amazing running-based workout that also includes other movements to mix up the workout and challenge specific muscle groups. Water is 800 times denser than air and requires the muscles in your arms, legs, glutes and core to work harder and use more oxygen resulting in a high heart rate, improved strength, calorie burn and cardio fitness. This is a deep water running workout that uses water and the science behind running to provide you a total body workout and burn 30%-40% more calories than running on land.


Full Body Workout

Legs, arms, core and stabilizer muscles are used when Fluid Running. The resistance of water is 800 times greater than air, making this an amazing workout.

Burn More Calories

Running against the resistance of the water burns 40% more calories compared to running on land because water is 800 times denser than air.

Improve Cardiovascular Fitness

Working against the water requires muscles in your arms and legs to work harder and use more oxygen resulting in a high heart rate and improved cardio fitness.

No Impact

Fluid Running takes place in the deep water. Wearing a specially designed running belt you never touch the bottom of the pool creating a non-impact high energy form of exercise.

Workout While Injured or Recovering

Many injuries preclude you from working out on land. Fluid Running is a non-weight bearing exercise which allows most people to workout whether injured or recovering from surgery.

It’s Revolutionary

Set to high energy music, Jennifer Conroyd will coach you through a 55 minute workout combining low-to-moderate-intensity running sets with high-intensity intervals and sprints. Fluid Running is the only certified deep water running program in the United States.