2012 Vision Board – Completed

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When I injured myself training for the Chicago Marathon, and ended up deep water running my way to a Boston Qualifier, I knew I had stumbled upon something pretty amazing.   In January 2011, I started my very first deep water running class. It was just me and my one class. Later that year, I “branded” the class Fluid Running and even paid to have it trademarked because something told me I had something worth protecting.  The class quickly grew in popularity and more people were asking for it, and I even had people interested in teaching it! I believed with my whole heart I could create a really special company called Fluid Running. I had these CRAZY beliefs of what it could be, who it could help, and the kind of press it could attract.  I believed then and still do now, that what you believe you can achieve. So in 2012 I created a vision board. A BIG BOLD vision board with WAY OUT THERE goals like being in Runner’s World and creating an accredited training curriculum. I even had the NBC peacock on it. That one felt like a stretch, but if you don’t stretch, you can’t reach your goals.  In the past month, Fluid Running was written up in a national NBC News article and then featured on NBC Chicago TV.

2012 Vision Board

Left Side:

Joy I wanted to create a company that spread joy – to others, and brought joy to me. This has happened 100% 

Corporation I knew someday I’d be more than a “one-woman-show”.  We’re still an LLC, but we are indeed a corporation!

Yes-You-Can Having a dream and building a business is hard, and oftentimes demoralizing.  Needed a little “self talk”. I think I can now say “Yes you did!”

ACE Approved - Fluid RunningAccredited Training Curriculum – This was a big deal for me.  I spent HOURS at the Library writing a Fluid Running instructor training curriculum that I submitted to A.C.E. (the American Council on Exercise).  They reviewed it and granted CEC credits to fitness professionals who took the course. The manual I wrote is one of my proudest accomplishments.  

Runner’s World –  I knew this was a stretch, but I also believed of all publications, Runner’s World should talk about the benefits of Deep Water Running.  And they did! Cindy Kuzma wrote a 2,000 word article about Fluid Running in August, 2018. I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

National Program –  I was thinking big.  We currently have people doing Fluid Running H2Go in 42 states, and 4 countries.  We just got our EU trademark, so I should have thought even bigger! INTERNATIONAL program!

Lucky Me –  I always feel lucky. I feel I was “chosen” to create this company.  Lucky me. 

Chicago Tribune – Living in Chicago, I thought this would be the coolest!  I think we’ve been featured in the Tribune at least 3 times already!  And Crains (just had to throw that in). 

Balance – I never wanted my business to take over my life.  When I created this vision board in 2011, I had 3 sons ages 15, 13, and 12.  I pretty much managed to be home after school and put a decent dinner on the table every “school night” for sure.  I was also fortunate enough to find Suite Spotte co-working in my hometown of LaGrange where I can work. It’s about a mile from my house. 


Fluid Running LogoLogo –   I wanted the Fluid Running logo to become a recognized logo.  We’re getting there! I love our logo and name. It’s so perfect. 

Train Hard Train Smart –  This was our original “tagline”.  I still like it. It was definitely focused on the athlete, but I think the message applies to life/work life.  I’ve worked hard, and I’ve surrounded myself with some really smart people! 

Bullseye –  I wanted to believe I would “nail” it with this business.  Hmmm – ask our Fluid Runners what they think! 

Making A Splash – I knew this was the kind of business that would “disrupt” the fitness world.  We’re definitely creating a current for sure!

Quote –  Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.  This is what I wanted for my career. I am totally happy!

Right side:

New Fitness Phenomenon! –  I believed this would be a new fitness phenomenon.  I believe THIS IS a new fitness phenomenon!

Industry Leader –  Considering we’re the “one and only” deep water running company, I’m gonna give us this one!

NBC LogoNBC –  I’ve always watched NBC.  I love the TODAY SHOW. I was literally running through my house doing the Rocky Balboa when the NBC.com article came out about Fluid Running!

Making A Difference –  I wasn’t in this to just create a job for myself.  I KNEW I could make a difference in a lot of people’s lives.  And I have! 

Helping Athletes – I can’t tell you how many injured athletes started Fluid Running and then went on to have their best races, competitions, etc.  

Changing the way people think about water workouts –  This is still an uphill battle.  When I tell people about my company, they usually say “yeah, my grandma does that in Florida”.  Ugh. We’re making progress. 

Smiley face – Who doesn’t want to smile and be happy!  I’m pretty smiley. 

Success – As any entrepreneur out there knows, it takes a long time to start being profitable.  We are doing well. The news coverage is helping tremendously! I am giving us a “check mark” for success! 

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