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Train Hard, Train Smart

with Deep Water Running

Deep water running is an innovative, enjoyable way to train your body without the harmful impact of running on land. Marathon runners, fitness buffs, and people looking for new ways to work out while having fun are turning to deep water running. With deep water running, it doesn’t matter if you’re injured, suffer from chronic pain, are overweight, or are already in peak physical condition — everyone has something to gain from adding deep water running workouts to their fitness routine.

Fluid Running can be done with a trainer individually or in a group setting. Group classes usually run for about an hour and are choreographed to energetic music, much like a spin class, creating motivating alternation between lower aerobic runs and challenging sprints.  Deep water running is designed for all types of people, including non-swimmers.

Experience the Benefits

No Impact
Deep water running is done in the deep end of a pool, therefore there is no impact because there isn’t any land weight. This significantly reduces the stress on joints, allowing people who are injured or suffer from arthritis to get the benefits of running without the stress of hard impact.  Land running ground force is 3 times your actual body weight.  For example, a 150 lb. runner strikes the ground with a force of 450 lbs., which can result in injury over time.

Not only does running in water allow you to continue working out, it also helps speed up recovery times. Water pressure decreases swelling to injuries, flushes out metabolic waste, and increases blood flow by 30%, all of which lead to quicker recovery from joint and muscle injuries.

A Better Workout
While people new to fitness and older individuals can get a good workout from deep water running by working at their own pace, experienced athletes at the highest levels can also challenge themselves with deep water running. Running through water creates constant multi-directional resistance that allows you to strengthen not just your legs but your upper body and core, as well. Using proper technique and following the guidance of a certified instructor, deep water runners can burn up to 40% more calories than they would running on land.

Explore the website to learn more about the health benefits and technique of deep water running.  If you have immediate questions regarding where to take deep water running classes, instructor certification, or how this type of exercise can be of benefit to you and your individual health, contact the Fluid Running team today.